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Get Into the Van with Alt Country musician Mike West as he sits down with guests from all walks of life as they share their hard earned wisdom and insights, what makes them tick, discuss their craft and inspirations and all else in between.

Mike chats to musicians, promoters, artists and anyone else passionate about what they do to inspire listeners to follow their creative outlets.


Today we go Into the Van with the brilliant Tan Sanders and Warren Davies! A country artist with genuine punk roots from a small town in North Carolina. His new album "When Am I Going To Have My Day?" is out everywhere now and is going to be your new favourite record!


We talk skateboarding, Reddit, touring and so much more! Listen now



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Into the Van we go with Sheffield based Americana legend, Banjo Jen!


With the release of her latest single "Fine Line" and upcoming album, I talked to Jen about moving to Sheffield, watching the UK scene grow, life, songwriting and all else in between!




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Into the Van we go with the talented David Quinn! I sit down with David to talk his new album "Country Fresh" that was inspired by an ash tray in the recording studio, songwriting, building a local following, Midwestern Country and Black Dirt Country, sock puppets and so much more!


Country Fresh is out right now and you really should listen to it!




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I sat down with the legendary, award winning artist JH Williams III to talk about his new book Echolands, meeting Blondie and creating album artwork for them as well as for artists like The Sword, music, creativity, art and so much more!

This was an absolute joy of a talk and you're going to love it!


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February 21, 2022

Into the Van with Tom Saenen!

Into the van we go with the hardworking and talented Tom Saenen. From organising Picking Bones, his epic festival in Belgium, to Black Metal and watching the roots scene grow in Europe to the most important things you need to know to start live events, this is definitely one to listen to!





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I sat down with Alexis May to talk about songwriting, George Jones, Nashville and so much more! This Honky Tonk songwriter released a great EP last year, "Killing Pain, Memories and Time" and May is definitely one to watch!


Listen now!




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Go Into the Van with me and James Green from The Broken Binding! A brilliant songwriter from Missouri who fuses Country, Folk and Rock to create amazing music!
We talk parenting, songwriting, marketing and so much more! The Broken Binding have just released their debut album Through The Night which I urge you to listen to!
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Ahead of his first UK tour, I sit down with Baker aka Gravedancer to talk about Christmas, viral videos, songwriting, American vs British sitcoms and so much more! Gravedancer wears his heart on his sleeve and is a phenomenal songwriter so give this episode a listen, go listen to his record Every Kind of Dog and then go see him on tour!



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I took a bit of a hiatus from Into the Van from October to rest, recharge and get married and now we're back! 


Looking forward to sitting down with some incredibly talented people this year and sharing it with you all!

Stay tuned!

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October 5, 2021

Into the Van with Cam Cole!

Join me for episode 41 of Into the Van with the brilliant Cam Cole. I joined him on his first UK tour to talk about the transition from busking to playing venues, his songwriting process, herd mentality and so much more! This is a great talk, recorded face to face in Edinburgh!





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