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Get Into the Van with Alt Country musician Mike West as he sits down with guests from all walks of life to see what makes them tick, discuss their craft and inspirations and all else in between.

Mike chats to musicians, poets, promoters, artists and anyone else passionate about what they do to inspire listeners to follow their creative outlets.


Podcasting and Songwriting duo Simon Barber and Brian O'Connor get Into the Van to talk songwriting, preparing for incredible guests such as Jon Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney and Jason Isbell, how long they have gone without listening to music and so much more!





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Join me for Episode 35 of Into the Van with the awesome Hippies and Cowboy Podcast! We talk about Country music (of course!) preparing for podcasts and interviews, time travel and so much more!



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Join me and Alison Self for episode 34 of Into the Van!

With the phenomenal record "Honky Tonk Haze", we talk songwriting, sincerity and paying your dues as well as train hopping, musicals and sneaking geeky references into songs!





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Into the Van we go with the mighty James Reed! A Kentucky songwriter with an undeniable groove, we chat about his E.P "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be", why 100s of songwriters just up and quit, the drive it takes to be a full time musician and so much more!
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This week, we go Into the Van with Seth and Adrienne of the brilliant documentary film makers Small Town Monsters! We talk comic books, the process behind creating documentaries, trekking through the wilds of America and so much more!
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This week I go Into the Van with Matt from the Hardcore Country pioneers Silo! We talk their brand new record Glitter and Gold, the value of seizing opportunities when they happen, the value of memes, marketing and so much more!
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Into the Van we go with the awesome Catherine the Great! The solo project of East-Tennessean, Catherine Backus, we talk songwriting, Bluegrass, politics in music, staying motivated and so much more!


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For episode 29 of Into the Van, I got to sit down with the incredible talented Roseanne Reid! A phenomenal songwriter from Scotland, we talk her creative and songwriting process, songwriting camps with Steve Earle, recording in Brooklyn NYC and so much more!
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This week we go Into the Van with Zach King! A pillar of the Pennsylvania Roots community, we talk starting a label, booking and promoting shows and Zach's own brilliant music, releasing it on cassette, rap music and more! Let's do this! 



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Step Into the Van with Minnestota based Eli Gardiner! After just releasing the brilliant The Fire and The Medicine, we talk about the writing and recording process, staying true to your art and so much more. Go listen. 




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